It's important to me to keep things fun, moving  and inviting.  I want you to come back and keep trying.

It's only wire.  

Ann Miller

Mora Designs


I  specialize in hand made jewelry utilizing sterling silver, copper, leather and a mix of other metals, stones and beads.  But my passion..... I love to teach it!!

"Thank you so much for creating your beautiful jewelry and making my gift giving easy.  Also, going above and beyond by mailing it our for me.  Your BEST!"

Carylyn Fielder


I took this class to add to my jewelry making skills. Tamra’s techniques are easy to learn and result in a beautiful peace of jewelry. I would recommend this class to anyone who either wants to make just one item or jewelry makers who want to add wire working to their skills.

Company's Inspiration:



What to Expect at the Workshops!


The Future of Ariel Inspired:

The inspiration began with my own personal experience. 

Ariel Inspired is a unique company inspired by my GSD "Ariel", pictured below and all around.  Ariel inspired me to get up , get going and "Never stop starting". Ariel has such a personality and she needed a collar to fit it. After picking up weaving wire and growing that into a business with not only jewelry pieces but teaching classes.......I realize no one is producing the combination of handmade crafted leather collars, using wire weaving techniques, gemstones and metals in one unique design.

Ariel Inspired will provide to large dog owner's beautiful, handmade leather collars. My collars will be crafted using metal and leather from supplies here in the USA.  ​Ariel prides itself not only in making and offering unique collars but I will also have matching cuffs for owners as well!  Because our four legged friend are so special to us...we also offer to alter our collars into human wearable cuffs, when the time comes to retire the collar.

Our product is not impersonal or mass produced.  Purchasing Collars or Cuffs design by us is an experience that we pay special attention to; by capturing both pet and owner personalities.  More to come soon!!


Oh my gosh. What a fun informative class. You were easy to follow and everyone's turned out soooo good. Your work is the best I see anywhere. Let me know where it is to buy.

Barbra Samulson


Wearable Piece

A wearable/take home piece of jewelry is yours to keep.   

​​​​​​​Ariel Inspired



I use multiple mediums to communicate instructions while I continually interact with my students. I've set up the classes to build upon your skills to keep advancing you forward.