This piece is done in copper or sterling silver. It's patina finish with a howlite stone cross in the center. This bracelet is worn as a cuff. It has thicker gauge wire on the outside giving is strength and stability. It is available in Black Agate and Turquoise Howlite stones


to our ever growing gallery.  Here you will find pieces that we have created and may have in stock if your interested.  If you see something you like please contact us.  Most every piece is available in sterling silver or copper with a patina finish. We have many Agates and Jasper stones with a wide array colors available.  The "Sister Sue Collection"  is every growing and no two pieces are a like.  Sister Sue can design to suit your style.  Just let us know how we can help you or if you have any questions.

This is a complex weave. Taking two woven pieces and putting them together to create one. This a wide cuff done in sterling silver and copper featuring 8 beads along the center. The ends are finished with a crisscross pattern. This one pictured is for sale. The beads are Red Barn Jasper.  It is also offered in Black Agate and many other Agate or Jasper stones.

This is also handwoven in Sterling Silver with many bead color options.  You can wear it dressed up or dressed down.  This one pictured is in Black Agate.  Please call me for color options.  Each bead is individually wrapped within each diamond for added detail. It has a crisscross finish at the ends.our paragraph here.

This is the fun one! Fun to wear and fun to make. This is 14g sterling silver wire swirled into a one of kind bracelet.  No two come out the same. This one is embellished with blue stone focal, that the designed was centered around.  

​​​​​​​Ariel Inspired

A softer look with 7 sterling silver wires spread out to create a look of wings. In the center is a 1' woven pattern.  Comes in girl sizes to.

Sterling Silver Cuff woven with 16 base wires in Sterling Silver. Embellished with three 10m Howlite Turquoise stones and 4 individually wrapped rounds.Type your paragraph here.